English Teachers and College Admission Counselors to assist in College Admission Essay Writing

Dear English Teachers and College Counselors:

First of all, thank you. There may be no job so difficult as ushering a student through the process of applying to college and no writing assignment quite as tricky as writing the college admission essay. The essay is personal but it’s also intended to make countless strangers sit up and say, “Let’s accept this person!” in 500 words or less. It’s supposed to be focused, original, filled with great details yet terse.  The writer should sound well rounded, successful, idealistic, motivated and modest. In 500 words or less.

I wrote Pitch Perfect: How to Write a Successful College Admission Essay to help. In my years of teaching high school English I accumulated vast amounts of handouts, adapted my own writing exercises, coached students overwhelmed by the topics that simply seemed lame. I created my own packet, which resembled a book and then realized it would be far easier if I went ahead and wrote a book myself. So, I did. Pitch Perfect will offer an excellent framework and support for students who write the college admission essay. Even better, it will help them become better writers in general because the strategies and exercises are not just for the admission essay, but also to make all their writing stronger and more focused.

This book is designed to help your students work independently. The approach is simple, how to get started, keep going and finish. The book encourages creativity and journaling while it also instructs on how to shape and edit an essay to a polished finished product.

This book should be very helpful with at-risk students who often find it difficult to write about their own achievements. The tone is humorous but the message is clear: To be accepted you need a powerful essay. Encouraging struggling writers to write every day, to develop a writing practice that provides them with material and a sense of their own voice is the best way for these students to convey their unique identities.  The final third of the book explains how to proofread and edit, revise and rewrite.

I hope the book is helpful and that you let me know how your students feel about using it.

With thanks for your hard work,

Molly Moynahan