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Molly Moynahan




Molly Moynahan Award-Winning Author and Educator, offers a fresh approach to writing a successful college admission essay for high school students:  Find your authentic voice and learn how to use it.


In her latest book:Pitch Perfect: How to Write a Successful College Admission Essay, Moynahan taps into the mine of passion and impulse that characterizes the adolescent voice while introducing focus and organization.  If anyone knows how to make writing college admission essays meaningful, educational and creative, it’s Moynahan. During her many years as an English teacher, she has instructed thousands of high school students through the process of writing a college admission essay. 

Unlike most guides to writing College Admission Essays, Pitch Perfect emphasizes the writing process and of the role of the writer, not the recipe for success that focuses on “cracking the code” of the admission essay.

“Schools, high school juniors and seniors, parents, guidance counselors need PITCH PERFECT desperately   It’s a “how to” book that focuses on writing a college essay that presents the student as s/he is and at the same time, why s/he is the perfect fit It leads students through the process of writing the essay, offers advice on what is important and what should be left out.”

-Barry Qualls, Vice President, Undergraduate Education and Professor of English, Rutgers University


Molly Moynahan’s novel Stone Garden was a New York Times Notable Book. The American Library Association chose Stone Garden as a “Best Teen Read.”  Moynahan is working on a new novel and a screenplay. She has been an English instructor for 25 years teaching at some of the best high schools and universities across the country.


Pitch Perfect is now available on Amazon and