HS Students

College Admission Essays for High School Students


Dear Students:

Remember about ten years ago when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up and you answered, a doctor, a teacher, an inventor, a rodeo rider, a fireman, a musician? Fast-forward a decade and suddenly that same question brings up anxiety and possibly inspires writer’s block. Well, don’t let it! The world you viewed at six as welcoming and filled with possibility is still there. 

Yes, you’ve experienced a multitude of successes and possibly just as many failures. You may have switched your passion for acting to a dedication to advanced calculus. Splendid! You are unique and you know who you are. This is what it really means to write a powerful, authentic college admission essay, tell your truth and tell it well.

There is no one more qualified to write your college admission essay then you. When the admissions officers read your essay they are looking for someone apart from test scores, class rank and extracurricular activities, they are looking for a person that tells them something interesting and does it with style, honesty, verve and impeccable proofreading!

PITCH PERFECT was born from my years of teaching creative writing and literary writing and essay writing. I realized that the best way for my students to find their authentic and effective voice in an essay was for them to access that voice through writing in journals, writing to prompts, writing about anything and everything and allowing their authentic selves to emerge. Academic writing requires discipline and follows certain rules but to stand out, an essay must engage, excite and possibly educate.

The organization of PITCH PERFECT is simple: Beginning, middle and end. You will do a number of writing exercises and answer a bunch of prompts, start to focus and refine your ideas and finally revise, rewrite and edit an essay that represents exactly who you are.

Use this book hard. Write notes inside, stick post-its in its pages, try the exercises, and throw it across the room when you feel like it. I am willing to help in any way possible to make sure you write an essay that you want to show the world. Remember, this is the beginning. For four more years and all the years to follow, your ability to access your own voice will be one of your most significant skills. Trust yourself, trust the process, have fun, work hard and write, write, write.

This website contains supplementary exercises, essay examples and a wealth of information to help you through the process. Send me a note if you find something particularly helpful or annoying.

Be proud, be honest, be disciplined and tell your story!


Molly Moynahan