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How to use Boredom

Recently I was on a bike trip through northern Illinois. We rode our bikes for 60 miles or so through countryside that was pretty but not breathtaking and, yes, occasionally I felt a little bored. Being bored used to be common. When I was a kid, there were no opportunities to while away the hours of a long car journey with anything other then looking out the window, listening to your parents talk, fighting with your sisters or reading a book.

How to write your own life

Someone once told me that reading my novel STONE GARDEN was a bit like having me next to them, talking in their ear. I was slightly insulted but then they said, "No, it was great. I mean, you were a teenage girl but you were also you."

Brainstorming Identity essay


Things to think about in your past and present. The last part of your essay will be to imagine the future.

Things that happened that defined who you are, including how people perceived you or the things that you chose to do. Include good & bad things, things you care about.  There are concrete things like race, gender, work and abstracts like someone telling you you’re smart, pretty, or good at something.

How NOT to Write a College Essay

There is a checklist for things like spelling, grammar and length but what about more subtle, less obvious problems? Let's take a look at some of these!
1. Empty writing
Some sentences contain no real information, or so little that they are not worth writing (or reading).
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