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Molly Moynahan has been writing and teaching for more then twenty years. She is a published novelist, an award winning playwright and scriptwriter, a columnist and blogger. She teaches writing and literacy in both high school and college and currently lives in Chicago. Moynahan is the author of three novels, Parting is All We Know of Heaven, Living in Arcadia and Stone Garden. Stone Garden published in 2003 was chosen a Notable Book by the New York Times, a best teen read by the Library Association and was a BOOKSENSE 76 choice. Moynahan has been a recipient of two fellowships from the Djerassi Foundation, The Helena Wurlizer Foundation and she was a panelist for the 2011 national NCTE convention in Chicago. She has finished a memoir and is currently working on a novel called The Tug Boat Captain's Daughter.       

While teaching high school she created her own creative writing exercises to help her writing students find their authentic voices in. These pages were the inspiration for Pitch Perfect. Molly is a columnist for Neworldreview, a blogger, a novelist, a screenplay writer, a greeting card writer, a television writer and a huge fan of teenagers. 

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Jennifer Rapp Peterson is a mother and a wife, an award-winning toy inventor, software consultant, an ironic cartoonist, greeting card publisher, children’s book illustrator and the founder of an artist friendly website builder, www.indiemade.com. During the late eighties she had a perm and was always allowed behind the red velvet rope. Jennifer views creativity as a human right.

“I believe space (some folks call it boredom) and necessity are both mothers of invention- either alone or in concert with each other. I think everyone is creative.  Humans are problem solvers and therefore creative.  It is only the stories we tell ourselves that get in our way.   Fear is what keeps us from developing a plan, making the time or taking the action to achieve our goals.”

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